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Stone20 SNS® by ACCESS SAFETY®. Sintering consists of analyzing the components of natural stone, formulating the mineral mixture, amalgamating them homogeneously, and subjecting them to high pressure and quasifission temperatures.

In this way, it is possible to emulate the appearance of any natural stone, but guaranteeing its homogeneity, improving its physicochemical qualities and, therefore, its mechanical behavior: hardness, resistance to breakage, stains and extreme temperatures, low porosity and expansion


Thanks to its formulation and its particular manufacturing technique, Stone20 SNS® has exceptional properties:


It integrates recycled materials and quarry waste as part of its components. It contributes to environmental efficiency thanks to its long life cycle (greater than 50 years) and 100% recyclability. Drastic reduction of the carbon footprint during transport from 250% to 300% due to the low thickness of the product.


It is cheaper than natural stone by reducing installation time and reducing maintenance and cleaning costs.


It improves accessibility and safety for pedestrians, reduces noise pollution and eliminates the presence of bacteria, stains and odors on urban pavement.


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