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ACCESS SAFETY® is a company associated to a multinational industrial group, specialized in the production of technical flooring since 1975.

After the financial crisis of 2008 and after looking at the existing urban pavements, we set out to create, design and produce an exclusive pavement, with the improvement of public space in mind. We decided to share our technology to recreate what the city should never have ceased to be, that is, a meeting place and a place of transit to inhabit it without limits, so that actions and projects finally find a balance between the different urban life activities.

We want to work with technicians and citizens, committed to build a quality public space, transformed into an accessible and, of course, safe environment. That's it, accessible and safe, two terms applied to our own name: ACCESS SAFETY®.

Urban design must be adequate to meet the expectations and needs of all citizens, without anyone feeling discriminated against by not being able to use a space under equal conditions. Therefore, mobility and accessibility are crucial aspects for the most fragile citizens. That is our mission and, without a doubt, our contribution, so that together we can make cities more accessible to all, without exception. We want to ensure the autonomy of every person in any circumstance, time and condition.

Therefore, we want to share with you the definition of urban space: "a place where citizens exist, interact and travel to enjoy themselves". In other words, an everyday scene whose purpose is to satisfy collective urban needs that transcend the limits of individual interests.

After 4 years of intense work, research and development, we are proud that our proposal undoubtedly benefits all citizens, without any exclusion. What is certain is that we have been faithful to our thinking and objective: sintered natural stone and sintered concrete are a reality and open a new scenario in the world of technical urban flooring.

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